Florida getaway style guide

Heading away for the weekend to sunny weather in Florida? Check out one of Florida’s top 10 beaches or have a great time at one of Florida’s theme parks.

When traveling to FL, never forget:

1. Sundress

Brightly colored, light and perfect for withstanding humidity. Wear it over a suit or out on the town. Sundresses are a way of life in Florida. Might want to pack two for a weekend away if you’re not a fan of re-living sand for the day before.

2. Flip flops

You can’t plan a trip to the beach without a pair of flip flops. Get a pair that are made of rubber so you can wear them to the beach and wash them off at the local spray shower.

Everyone wears flips flops, so feel free to wear them to the store and dinner. Boots are made for the two weeks of winter, so flip flops may be the only pair of shoes you need.

3. Bathing suit(s)

Bring two suits with you. That way you hang one up to dry every day and re-wear it for another beach day. It saves you from doing a lot of laundry and taking home wet suits.

On my own wishlist is a bikini from Triangl.

4. Beach towel

Come prepared with a beach towel to lay out. They are light for your luggage and don’t take up that much space.

If you’re driving and are a dedicated beach-goer, check out this beach mat that charges your phone.

5. Travel purse

Bring a travel tote bag that can also double as a beach bag, This way you can pack everything for the flight in it, and then empty your necessities into an around the town bag before adding in your beach towels.

Canvas bags are easy to clean so if they get a little wet, they will still be alright. If more damage happens at the beach, a canvas bag is also easily replaced.

6. Around town purse

A light cross-body bag to go with your sundress is a must. This way, you can ditch the beach bag and carry around a fun bag to dinner.

7. Hair ties

You’ll probably want to put your hair up at some point. The humidity and beach breeze make hair ties a must.

8. Extended phone charger

If you want to take pictures out at the beach, make sure you bring some extra battery since it can be an all day affair. Listening to music also drains your battery, so an extra charger is worth it. Even the heat can take your phone offline faster. Keep it cool by hiding it in your bag and playing music on BlueTooth speakers or hiding it under part of your beach towel.

9. Yeti water bottle

If you can, bring a Yeti drink cooler. The hot beach warms up water bottles fairly quickly. Putting cold water in your Yeti cooler will help you stay cooler on a warm day.

10. Hat & Sunglasses

Pack any hat or sunglasses you want, it will keep the sun out of your eyes because it is everywhere. As the Sunshine State, a hat or sunglasses are constantly in use. I’m a big fan of a floppy hat and aviators. If you have a floppy hat, bring it. If not, even Target sells floppy hats.

Leave behind your sunscreen (if you can find it) and aloe. Sunscreen and lotion packages are available in travel size at any CVS and you can easily pick some up along with a water bottle for the beach. Some beaches also offer rentals for cabanas and chairs. Unless you are driving, leave pop up chairs behind.

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