The Top 20 Things I Miss About the Beach

When you have extra time in the day, and want to go somewhere, the place I always want to go to is the beach. However, when the beach is not in reach, I miss these things the most:

  1. The feeling of dry, fine sand as you try to look good walking in flip flops.
  2. Running back to the car when you realized you've forgotten your sunglasses and run into someone else you know who loves the beach.
  3. Setting out your towel (with the wind and not against it) so you get the perfect place to lay out at.
  4. When the sun hides behinds the clouds for a few moments after tanning for awhile.
  5. The soft steps across the wet sand, not quite in the water.
  6. The first step into the ocean.
  7. Flying kites along the shoreline, staring into the cloudless sky.
  8. Bright, endless blue horizon.
  9. Finding sand dollars on the sand bar and bringing them home as a souvenir.
  10. Riding the large waves on a boogie board.
  11. Watching the small sand creatures dig back into the sand after a wave crashes.
  12. Taking a cool drink of water (from the ice cold cooler you brought) after sunning for a few hours.
  13. Getting wet in the ocean and then settling into the warm sand that sticks.
  14. Glimpsing dolphins or sea turtles swimming along the coast.
  15. Building the largest sand castle and moat along the shoreline, digging the moat deeper and deeper to protect the castle.
  16. Finishing a favorite beach read as the sun sets.
  17. Strolling along the small waves as the sun goes down.
  18. Taking a video of the ocean view, including the sounds of gulls, waves crashing, and wind to watch later.
  19. Listening to a boom box of favorite songs while watching beach volleyball.
  20. Packing up all of my beach goodies, knowing I can be back tomorrow.

What do you miss most about beach days?

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